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We will be reviewing the different lenses so that you can find the right contact for the Halloween season or other occasion.  If you are looking to buy Halloween contacts we have a selection that will fit your needs at the best price available.

There are a lot of things that people do to try to top off there Halloween costume. Some of the things that people try to do to stick out from all the others are adding props and little detail touches on costumes. Some go all out and buy the most expensive cool looking costumes out there, others work extra hard on their make up.

These are all great ideas to set your self apart from all the other vampires, cats, goblins, and skeletons, however there is one that could really impress everyone. This is special effects contacts, where you can black or white out your eyes, have the narrow pupil like a cat, have your eyes glow in the dark, or just be crazy looking with multiple colors. You can get basically any color and design you could think of, there are so many different types of Halloween contact lens it’s unbelievable.

halloween contact lenses

Some very creative ideas to top off your costume with Halloween contact lenses are green colored contacts for a Hulk costume, or thin yellow-orange pupil contacts for a cat costume, or even have demon eyes with red and black contacts. You can also do pure white eyes for a skeleton or zombie or black out the eyes for the half werewolf/half vampire in the movie underworld. There is a wide variety of  lenses you can choose from that would go awesome with many different costumes you really just have to check it out for yourself.

halloween contact lenses

There is always one concern from people when you talk about colored contacts. It is true that people have had certain eye troubles after wearing colored contacts, but the main problem is not the contacts themselves but it is the treatment of the contacts. Many times people don’t take care of their contacts as well as they should, or they share the lenses with other people. You should always wash your lenses well after each wash.

You have to also know the difference between a cheap lens and an expensive lens. Some of the cheap lenses are not made very well, and they are not very O2 friendly, the cheap lenses don’t breathe as well so your eyes can get irritated and dry out. So, this is one thing that it is worth the extra money to go with a name brand to insure your safety of your eyes.

One other thing that people are always concerned about is how your vision will be affected while wearing colored contacts. For many of the colored contacts they have an opening or non-colored spot where your pupil is so it wont affect your vision at all, but for those contacts that are colored all the way through these will affect your vision slightly. You will see a very slight tint of the color or the contacts, your eyes will adjust to the color change and not notice it very much after a little while of wearing the contacts.

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